Saturday 19th November, 7:00pm, Side Cinema

This follows the final working days of an old Scottish itinerant slaughterer Davey Kelly and records the end of an age of innocence. The practical application of his knowledge is illegal and like a mythical hero, old and blind, the itinerant slaughterer fades away…

Director: Adrin Neatrour / Short Film / English / 42 minutes / UK 2004

NOSTOS (Adv 18)

Saturday 19th November, 8:00pm, Side Cinema

‘Nostos’ is the story of a lost man 'P Man' an anti hero struggling to find sense in the world. Recalling events in his life which allow him to piece together his possible reasons for existing. 'P Man' is guided by 'Virgil' a haphazard pseudo-angel who steers him further away from the truth...

Director: James Johnson-Perkins / Short Film / English
60 minutes / UK 2003-2005

The Last Kill
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