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The Cleaner

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Friday 07 December, 18.00-19.50Free Drink!,
Saturday 08 December, 10.00-18.00,
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

UK 2006-2007. 90 minutes.

NLFF 2007 opens with a selection of short films from ten of the best new directors working in the UK today. Richard T Kelly, the Newcastle-born broadcaster and writer will be present to introduce this exciting collection, and the filmmakers present who will be on hand to talk about their work.

The Cleaner by Noel Kearns. Regional Premiere

UK, 2007. 13 mins. In Russian & English with English subtitles.

The CleanerStefan, an immigrant night-cleaner in a London hospital is called upon to translate for an injured man. When he recognises the patient from his war-torn homeland, he is faced with the choice of helping to save the man’s life or taking the ultimate revenge. Since pitching an idea for an earlier film at NLFF 2006, Noel Kearns has gone on to write, produce and direct this stunning drama, and we are pleased to announce that he will be attending NLFF once again this year. Contact:

Surprise by Ben Dodd

UK, 2006. 1 min 30.

SurpriseNot everything is so black and white… In this stylish thriller, a man lies lifeless against a bath. Above him looms a woman, a knife lying at her feet. The scene unfolds, backwards. Earlier this year, the Tyneside Cinema screened a selection of shorts from the Single Shot programme - films comprised of one take, which premiered at the Tate Modern and toured around the country. We thought that Surprise was the best of the lot, and we’re proud to be screening it again.Contact:

Alex and her Arse Truck by Sean Conway. Regional Premiere

UK, 2007. 16 mins.

Alex and Her Arse TruckThe psychology of sexual jealousy is explored in this film about a scooter-riding zelophile (a person who gets their kicks from jealousy, apparently) called Baby Shoes, his nymphomaniac girlfriend Alex, her other lover Nylon, a mentalist named Pubelles and a pair of drug dealing lesbians. An exhilarating ride from the Cinema Extreme programme, this short comes from local Director-Producer team Sean Conway and Samm Haillay (Love Me or Leave Me Alone, Rabbit Stories) who will both be present at the screening. Contact:

What Cassandra Saw by Karen Penman & Liam Brazier.
World Premiere

UK, 2007. 6 mins 30.

What Cassandra SawNLFF 2007 is proud to be premiering this experimental, part-animated fantasy. Welcome to the bureau of shadows. The bureau is responsible for making, measuring and re-sizing our shadows while we sleep, in the midst of dreaming. Of late, mishaps have been happening…. Joint writer, producer and director Karen Penman also stars as Cassandra Demeanour, the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ of this post-modern fairy tale. Contact:

Je Suis un Robot by Simon Smith. Regional Premiere

UK, 2007. 2 mins. In French with English subtitles.

Je Suis un RobotAn emotional monologue from a suicidal robot. Simon has been programmed with 224 different emotions. Today he feels sad. With an ability to speak 872 different languages. He chooses to only speak French. Je Suis un Robot was among the funniest of all the submissions. We are pleased to announce that its creator, Simon Smith, will be present. Contact:

Mash Up by Jesse Lawrence. Regional Premiere

UK, 2006. 10 mins.

Mash UpA chance encounter on the street with an old enemy brings unexpected results for Robert and Marlon. As they try and overcome London’s worst marijuana drought in recent history they realise something weird is going on and it involves their Somali school friend Awat. Mash Up has been screened in festivals, world wide, and in competition. This is your chance to see the latest from one of this year’s Cinema Extreme winners, Jesse Lawrence. He, producer Kaleem Aftab and director of photography Bruce Melhuish will all be present. Contact:

Laid Off by Zam Salim

UK, 2006. 10 mins.

Laid Off“If you thought life was bollocks, wait ‘til you get a load of death!” A tragic comedy about the recently deceased Martin (1966 – 2002) as he struggles to come to terms with being trapped in limbo…. Laid Off won both the Audience Award and the Jury’s Best Film Award at this year’s Jim Poole Scottish Film Award at Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema, while Salim himself was cited as a UK Star of Tomorrow in Screen International, along with Jesse Lawrence (Mash Up) and Richard Fenwick (USERGUIDES). Zam Salim will be present. Contact:

USERGUIDES No.5: What to do in the event of an Earthquake by Richard Fenwick. UK Premiere

UK, 2007. 2 mins 30.

USERGUIDES No.5One of ten hilarious - and informative - public information films commissioned by MTV from Tyneside Cinema’s filmmaker-in-residence. No.5 is Richard Fenwick’s personal favourite and illustrates the recommended steps and potential hazards involved in protecting oneself from the effects of earthquakes. Contact:

Each of the USERGUIDES in the series will screen prior to feature films across the Festival weekend, starting with No.1: Learning to Swim before the Opening Gala Film. Richard Fenwick, the director of the series will be present.

Soft by Simon Ellis

UK, 2006. 14 mins.

SoftA father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time. Soft has screened at film festivals, world wide, and has won multiple awards, including the Best of the Fest at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, and the Prix UIP at Edinburgh International Film Festival. Simon Ellis’ debut feature film, Dogging: A Love Story, was shot in Newcastle upon Tyne and is currently in post-production. Contact:

“After [Soft] was over I was lying on the sofa with a cushion on my face, whimpering in fear and paranoia. Ingenious and harrowing... left me reeling.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

For the Love of God by Joe Tucker. Regional Premiere

UK, 2007. 11 mins.

For the Love of GodAn irreverent comedy about an overgrown man-child who still lives with his over-bearing Mother in her dour and dusty Christian bookshop. Voiced by Steve Coogan, Graham harbours a dark secret, an unholy desire to get intimate with God. For the Love of God was the only British film in competition at Cannes this year, and we are pleased to announce that the director and animator Joe Tucker will be in attendance. Contact:

Free Drink

Ticket price includes a complimentary glass of wine (Friday only).

Saturday screening

You can also catch the films for free in Level 1 Cinema at BALTIC between 10.00-18.00 on Saturday 8th December.

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